Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Staying Healthy this Fall

It never fails. As soon as school starts the kids get sick.  I realize the classroom is full of walking petri dishes, sharing scissors, crayons, and bacteria.  Here are some things we do to try to combat those days of sniffles, snot, and sicknesses:

  • Wash hands FREQUENTLY!  Before and after eating is the best way to do it if possible.  Washing before eating will obviously clean off the germs before they get on our food and in our mouths, but washing afterward will keep from spreading our germs to others.
  • Get enough rest.  If our bodies are run down we are more susceptible to all of those germs around us.  A good night's sleep will recharge our battery and help us stay healthy.
  • Take vitamins.  I'm a firm believer in taking vitamins, especially plenty of  vitamins D and C to fight off the colds and the flu.  If we
  • Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.  If that's hard to do, make them into smoothies.  We drink smoothies every day, and include:  Spinach or Kale, and an Orange or Apple, a Carrot, Frozen Bananas, Frozen Berries, and some Flax Seed Meal.  My kids drink them up without a problem, and I'm happy that they're getting fruits AND veggies - in the raw.
  • Drink plenty of water.  It will help keep you hydrated, especially if you feel something coming on.   It's good to drink other fluids, but water is so important, so make sure to keep sipping on it all day long if possible.
  • Keep things clean.  Especially the frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, remote controls, telephones, and the computer mouse.  A cleaning wipe like Lysol brand cleaning wipes makes this easy as can be.
  • If and when the kids do get sick, we usually have a garbage can, box of kleenex or roll of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, their blanket or pillow and stuffed animal, and their own glass to drink from.  Switch out the glass every time there's a refill and run the old glass through the dishwasher or wash with hot soapy water to thoroughly sanitize it.  Then make sure the blanket, pillow, stuffed animal and get a good washing in the washer and dryer. 
Staying healthy is can be a struggle when we come in contact with so many people every day, but being proactive and having a plan when members of our family get sick really helps in dealing with it. 

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