Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love this!

Online shopping is one of the best thing ever invented. Now, with my customizable Blastoff page, I can shop online and get cash back, discounts, and special offers.

I can shop stores like Target, Barnes & Noble, and even Bass Pro Shop.
From my Blastoff page I can search Hulu to find the most recent Medium episode. You know, the one I missed because I was too busy yelling at the kids to go to bed to be able to watch it.
I can also update my Facebook status. I know you want to hear what I had for dinner last night.
So, why just surf the net when you can Blastoff into cyberspace?
Blastoff is your personal launch pad into the best of the web. A fully customizable homepage that puts news, games, videos, music, and more right at your fingertips. Blastoff also pays you cash back on every online purchase, and when you invite your friends to join, you get paid every time they shop online too. As your network grows, so does your income.
Blastoff is completely free, tons of fun, and easy to use.
So don't delay-Click here to Blastoff today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


And then it was October. I think I missed September. Really. I don't even remember it!

I've been busy with, well: kids, chickens, Mellisa's kids, PTO, and it still feels like I'm more behind than ever.

But, since I should be doing something productive, I'll forget about work and share some of my new favorite things:

The Black Apple is awesome. I love Emily Martin's art! Now Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching has Black Apple patterns. Makes me want to take up embroidery.

This is my favorite song right now. Something about the guitar. Mmm.

Sunflower seeds. I just read in a magazine that if you crave something salty, eat sunflower seeds. The magnesium in them gives you a natural energy boost. I can totally justify my addiction to seeds now. Need I say more?

When I'm in a scrapbooking rut, I go here to PageMaps. Love it!

Can't wait for conference!
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