Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

My family would eat these every day, and they were requested frequently in the house I grew up in, too! (Thanks, Mom!)

1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked (microwave works great!)and diced
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 16oz carton sour cream
1 4 oz can diced green chilis
1 cup shredded colby cheese
1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
(or 2 cup package of mixed cheese)
1 package flour or corn tortillas
Mix cream of chicken soup, chilis, and sour cream together and spread half of mixture into bottom of 9x13 pan. Put a handful of chicken and a small amount of cheese (save half of cheese to sprinkle on top!) onto a tortilla and roll in thirds, putting cut side down in pan on top of sauce. Continue until pan is filled, usually makes six or seven. Cover with remaining sauce and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. They're yummy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cucumbers Galore!

My grandpa loves to plant a LARGE garden. He tills, he sows, he weeds, he reaps. He's been harvesting TONS of cucumbers, which we love to eat. We've had cucumbers for lunch and dinner almost every day for the last couple of weeks. As I was contemplating lunch today, I thought to myself, "Self, I think a cucumber sandwich sounds like a good thing." Lucky for me, I agreed with myself!

Just as I finished putting together my sandwich, my sister Mellisa called me up and mentioned that she was rummaging around her cupboards looking for something to eat. I told her to rummage no more, I was bringing her over a cucumber sandwich! (I know she was thrilled to hear that, wouldn't you be?)

I assembled a second sandwich, then took both plates over to her house. She said, "This looks pretty good! When you said cucumber sandwich, I didn't think it sounded too good."

Well, I enjoyed mine. And she said she liked hers, but maybe she was just trying to make me feel good. Maybe I'll never know, since she doesn't read my blog. Hmm.

Here's how I made the sandwiches:

2 slices of a hearty bread, I used 100% whole wheat by Sara Lee

Thick slices of peeled cucumber

Thin slices of red onion

2 Tablespoons of Mayo mixed with a tsp. of dried dill and a tsp. of red wine vinegar

A couple of dashes of Sea Salt and Pepper

Put it all together and enjoy!

The farm dog

Hi, I'm Reagan, resident farm dog.

I'm named after President Ronald Reagan.

I like long drives on the back of the four-wheeler, any time of the day.

My interests are: eating, sleeping, barking all night, swimming in the sewage lagoon, and riding shotgun on the four-wheeler.

My dislikes include: coyotes, the dark, and coyotes in the dark.

Nice to meet you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bonus Projects

Here are some bonus projects that use the scraps from the teacher appreciation gift post last week. Just add a sheet of cardstock, and you can create a card and tag to go to your paint bucket gift.

Cut a 6”x12” Piece of cardstock and fold in half.
Cut a 5” square of patterned paper.
Cut a 4 inch circle of patterned paper
Cut a small flower out of the flower paper.
Ink edges of all of the paper pieces and adhere circle to square, and then square to cardstock.
Adhere flower to the four inch circle.
Wrap a 8” piece of ribbon under polka dot circle, to the inside of the card, and back under circle on the other side.

Cut a 2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch rectangle from cardstock. Trim upper corners to form tag. Cut a slightly smaller piece of patterned paper and glue to cardstock. Ink all edges.
Use a button to set off a flower, or a brad or small flower to attach to the tag. Punch hole with Cropodile or hole punch and string ribbon through.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Boy


I can't believe that you are turning 7 today. It seems like yesterday, those tense days after 9/11 when we were waiting for you to emerge into this uncertain world.

Grammie was at the Kansas City airport on 9/11, and was getting ready to board her flight to San Francisco to be there for your birth. When the first plane hit the Twin Towers, Dad and I were just waking up at the house in Santa Rosa. Aunt Emily called us, and we turned the TV on to see the terrible "accident". Of course, moments later we knew it wasn't an accident, and for the next few days before you were born, we spent a lot of time watching and wondering at the horror of what happened that day.

Grammie was able to get a flight on your birthday, and showed up at the hospital just 5 minutes after you were born.

You were such a sweet baby! Always cuddly, wanting to be held and snuggled. You've kept your loving sweetness, too! You are polite and kind to others, and love to learn new things. You say things every day that crack me up! I love everything about you, even your possible missing digestive enzyme that makes you smell like pickles or garlic for days after you eat them. Just something more about you to love.

Happy Birthday to my Boy!

We are blessed that you are a part of our family.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kids-They surprise me sometimes!

Andy and I rarely go anywhere by ourselves, but we decided to take a short little trip into town the other night. After dinner, we gave the kids a few instructions then headed out.

It took a little longer than we thought it would, so when we pulled into the driveway and the clock read almost 9 o’clock, we thought maybe we shouldn’t read scriptures tonight since it was so late. As we walked into the kitchen, we could hear Natalia reading from the Book of Mormon. The four kids were sitting in the living room reading. Well, three of them were reading, and Mario was asleep on Brian’s lap.

In the short almost-two-hours that we were gone, they played softball, helped Mario practice riding a two-wheeler, and worked on Brian’s Duty to God award requirements. Natalia even supervised showers for the two little boys. I have to confess, for just a split second alien abduction did enter my mind. Or that maybe they had broken something. Then my heart swelled just a little when I realized that they can get along! And be responsible!

And the clincher?

They left us some cookies!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I am really excited to be doing a guest post for the Steals and Deals blog! Mandy asked me to come up with a teacher appreciation gift. So I started thinking about the different teachers my kids have had through the years, and things that they enjoyed doing. Brian’s first grade teacher always asked for things for his classroom -Pencils, crayons, markers, age appropriate books, etc.

Our school has a book fair going on right now, and some of the teachers have a wish list of books they would like for their classroom. Do like a friend of mine does, and buy one or two of the books, then donate the to the class in honor of someone you love.
The project I have here uses some of my scrapbooking skills and supplies, but an be adapted to suit different tastes and budgets. Let your imagination run wild!

4 12x12 sheets of patterned paper or cardstock
Decorative ribbon
1 Large Paint Can (unused! You can buy one at Lowe's or the hardward store.)
Embellishments of your choice that coordinate with paper (flowers, buttons, tags, diecuts, use your imagination!)

Tools needed
Twelve inch Paper Trimmer
Brown or Black Ink Pad
Hole punch and setter
Circle cutter
1” circle punch

Step 1: Lid
Cut 5 inch circle from one sheet of paper.
Cut 4 and a half inch circle from another coordinating paper.
Punch 1 inch circle from another .
Ink edges of all circles.
Layer five inch and four inch circles and adhere to lid.
Top with small cardstock circle and button strung with a piece of the narrow ribbon.

Step 2: Can
Cut two 3 and a half inch wide strips from a patterned paper.
Measure one of the strips across the top edge of can and mark center of handle. Use the circle punch to cut out the circle.
Measure 2nd strip for back side of can and trim.
Ink top edge of both pieces and adhere to can.
Cut two 4 and a half inch strips from a patterned paper.
Ink top and bottom edges and adhere to the can using the bottom of can as a guide.
Cut two small strips of a third paper so it looks like ribbon {This is a little tricky!} and ink long sides. Glue over the seam of the other two papers.
Now embellish! Make it as simple or creative as you like.
Tie some small strips of ribbon along handle.

This is going to be a Rest & Relaxation gift. The card reads, ”Take a little time off from the 3 R s for a little bit of R & R”. I am including a up and saucer from an antique store (about $5) some tea, a candle, and some homemade cookies.

There are so many other things you can put in this little baby! If your teacher is a movie buff, pick up a couple of movie passes and some microwave popcorn and movie sized candy.

An avid reader would be able to make use of a gift card from the local book store, a reading light, bookmark and a chocolate bar.

Get to know your children's teachers. Volunteer in the classroom. If you can't do that, ask if they need help with anything. Your children spend a good chunk of time with them every day, show them how much you appreciate them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Usborne Books Giveaway at Steals and Deals Blog!

I know I'm late posting this, but cut me a little slack. Please.

Steals and Deals is giving away $50 worth of Usborne Books. Enter!
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