Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

Another summer is gone. 


In the blink of an eye.  

This will be the last summer that all of our kids will be going "back to school" to the same school.  It's sad.  Since Brian was in 4th grade the kids have been on the same campus for school.  Even if it doesn't matter to them, I take great relief in knowing that if there was an emergency at home or school that they would be able to find each other.  

Whenever my kids start school I feel relieved and anxious, or as this article at Dave Ramsey says, Hopeful and Scared.  I want my kids to succeed, but I want them to work hard.  I want them to have fun, but I want them to be responsible.  I want them to challenge their teachers, but I want them to be respectful.  

The author of the post, Dr. Meg Meeker, says:  

 We mustn’t be afraid for our kids, that they’ll get the wrong teacher or not make the team. Some of these are important life-defining moments. More importantly, we must teach them that they are tough enough to handle what life gives them.

That's so hard for me to do, to stand back and maybe "let" them fail.  Is it character building?  Most probably.  Is it easy on them?  Nope.  But I'll try not to be a helicopter mom, hovering over and fixing everything.    Then maybe they will be independent, capable, and confident kids.  Don't they look like it?

They totally humored me in taking these pictures.  Aren't they good sports?

And here's last year's picture:

What a difference a year makes!

Edited:  I forgot to mention that the weird yellow lighting in the pictures is because the air was so smokey from the wildfires.  Luckily, the firefighters are getting a handle on them.

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