Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're moving on up, to the east side...

Not exactly to a deluxe apartment in the sky, but to an old farmhouse in the pasture.

We're in the middle of moving out to 6 Feathers, the chicken farm owned by my sister, brother-in-law, and his family. We'll be living in the old white farmhouse, the one that my parents bought when they moved out here 14 years ago. The same farmhouse they lived in when I would come out to visit them with no kids, then 1 child, then 2, then 3, then finally with 4 kids in tow. Now we're busy moving all of our c-r-a-p into that there farmhouse. I'll post pictures later!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tara and Mark sittin' in a tree...

The last Fredrick girl is getting married. If you remember, Monie, the baby, was just married in December, and a month from today the lovely couple you see here will also be sealed for time and all eternity at the Nauvoo Temple. Watch out, Nauvoo; the clan will be congregating once again in your charming little town.

So, Mom and Dad flew out to Provo, Utah, to see their two youngest offspring (as well as one's spouse and the other's future spouse) and to attend General Conference. In four days they were able to squeeze in a trip to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, eating out, Saturday morning conference, eating out, bridal shower, eating out, Sunday morning conference, family dinner with the kids, and fly home Monday morning. As you can tell by the agenda, regular meals keep Dad happy. Especially since he was not feeling well the whole trip. Hope you're feeling better, Dad!

Tara's friends threw her a "movie themed" bridal shower. The gift giver had to somehow link their gift to a movie. I sent my gift with Mom, it was a cookbook with recipes of some of the dishes Mom made, or still makes, and a toile print apron. The book was made using no adhesive, only machine stitched on my trusty Singer.

Mom and Monie made up a "Gone With The Wind" gift basket. It's one of Mom's favorite movies, and it's where she came up with Tara's name.
This is from an e-mail that Tara sent describing the contents of the basket.
"Here's the little sayings Mom and Monie put with their presents....
If you find some drapes that might make a cute dress you'll be ready. -Sewing Kit-
Scarlet had a picture of Ashley. You can put a picture of your totally hot husband in this. -Small picture Frame-
For though you may be Mark's butler, Rhett ran these thru the blockade for you. -Dish towels- (Mama wasn't very coherent on this one so you'll have to think it through yourself or ask Monie for the full explanation cuz I can't really remember).
To remember the marriage to a man whose not too young or too old. -A Bride's Journal-
Scarlet doesn't hold a candle to you. You have the fine qualities of Mellie. -Candle-
If the blood of a Yankee is spilt on your floor feel free to use these. -Sponges-
These towels are made from the sky high cotton harvested at the Tara plantation. -Towels-
Scarlet and Rhett took their honeymoon on a ship, just like you and Mark. How romantic. -Grass hula skirt and a lei-
If you eat too many of these you'll be as fat as Mammy, but Mark will still love you. -Chocolate Chips- How sweet is that?
and my personal favorite....Scarlet's Momma took care of the white trash Slattery girl. Take care of your trash with these. -Trash Bags-"
Isn't that creative?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Walking on Sunshine...OH, OH

He is now walking! And so proud of himself, too.

He tried two nights ago, and fell over, while eating a whole carrot. The both flew opposite ways. So funny that we had to laugh!

Blog to you later!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monkey Business {or "Crack him open like a Clamshell"}

So, Monkey finally shed his shell last week. I think I failed to mention in earlier posts that he actually broke his cast while maneuvering around the house and pre-shool. That is why he has the strips of green on his legs. They held a bar that crossed between his legs. So much fun to dress him and take him to the potty!

This is "the sticker guy" using the saw to cut through the cast. So amazing to see, because the saw does not cut through the skin. "The sticker guy" has a shiny, bald head that he pushed the saw onto, and voila, nothing happened! Oh, and Monkey named him "the sticker guy" because he hands out lots of stickers, and showed him the secret sticker stash.

Here is TSG, using a mini crow bar tool to pop open the cast.

Now, doesn't that look funny! The bar is missing because TSG gave it to Monkey as a memento. And hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again. And maybe I'm just doing a little bit of wishful thinking.
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