Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautiful Heartbreak...31 Days of Creating with Meaning

Have you ever heard the saying

"If we all threw our problems in a pile 

and saw everyone else's, 

we'd grab ours back." 

That's what I thought of when I saw this video of the new song by Hillary Weeks:

One of the women in this video is Mariama Kallon, whose history was filled with terror, heartbreak, and tragedy. When I heard her speak At the Nauvoo Women's Retreat two and a half years ago, she was such a sweet, smiling, and sincere woman. But her story was horrific. To say there was not a dry eye in the room is an understatement. The tears of empathy that were shed for her and her family flowed freely and unchecked; there weren't enough handkerchiefs or kleenex available to catch them all. Through her trials and tribulations, hope shone through like the carrot dangling just out of reach. She followed that carrot of hope to a new life, one she hadn't dared dream of, and ended up serving a mission at The Salt Lake Temple square and speaking and writing about her life.  Miriama is truly resilient.  She would pray each day to see the night, and then pray every night to see the next day.  Can you imagine living your life like that?  Never knowing if or when you or your loved ones will be killed or tortured?

The other woman in the video is Stephanie Nielsen who was burned in a plane accident. She had such a will to live for her kids and her husband, and has made huge strides in recovering from the accident.

Now back to the quote at the top. My mom and I have talked about this many times, whenever one of us has been struggling with something.  I think that there is a lot of truth in that statement, even if I change it to:

"If we all threw our problems, 

trials, tribulations, tragedies,

addictions, afflictions, illnesses, injuries, issues,

disappointments, disabilities, disillusionments, 

and struggles 

in a pile 

and saw everyone else's, 

we'd grab ours back." 

One reason is because we know we can handle it.  We ARE handling it, or dealing with it, or attempting to deal with it.  It's not exchanging that problem with someones lack of problems, it would be taking on a whole NEW issue.  A new battle.  I hope I can take my battles and turn them into Beautiful Heartbreaks.


Corine said...

Annie, that was AWESOME! I just bawled my eyes out. I know these woman's stories, and cry every time I think of them. But you are right... none of us would trade our challenges for anyone else's. These women are amazing and wonderful because of all they have been through. They are a blessing to the world, because of all they have been through. No one who "gets it," could ever regret their challenges; they get/understand why God allowed it to happen and how the thing they lost was so much smaller than what they gained. We grow from challenges, great and small; and we become beautiful through that growth. And I don't think these wise and wonderful women would go back and change history if they had the chance to, because they have the faith, courage, and wisdom, to "get it." It sort of makes me happy to have been through and learned from all that I have been through. Life is REALLY GOOD!

:D Hugs,
Corine :D

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

Corine, your comment was the perfect addition to my blog post. Thanks so much for the beautiful way you put it! It is really amazing that our Heavenly Father allows us to learn and grow from our experiences here on earth. I know that He hasn't given me anything that I can't handle and that hasn't made me stretch and grow spiritually.

Thanks for adding so much, and for being spot on as usual!

Lexi said...

I bawled my eyes out watching that video!! Thank you for posting.


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