Saturday, January 5, 2013

Of Regrets and Resolutions

Resolutions are a strange thing.  The new year feels full of promise and hope, but for me it seems like most things are left undone, hanging, incomplete.  

I realize it is a process, but most of the time my resolutions are way too grand in scale for me to accomplish, like the losing 10 pounds in 6 weeks of 2012 failure.  

Or a procrastination so long that I didn't even set any goals.  There's one way to not fail; just don't try at all!  Win-win, right?  

And I titled 2010's post "A goal without a daily plan of action is just a wish."  A great thought, and my goals were mighty small that year, so could be an accomplishment.  We were really struggling with some decisions and issues, and I'm pretty sure that I didn't want to be too specific.  Way too scary for me.

2009 saw me working on the same goals as 2008.  What's the definition of insanity?  Oh, yeah, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  It's the story of my life.  I go back 4 years and I'm seeing a definite pattern of un-greatness and lack of motivation.  Especially this quote from that post:  I rarely tell others my dreams, goals, and wishes. Then I feel the pressure to be accountable for working towards or achieving those things. Who wants to be accountable? Not I!

And finally, back to 2008, I was really ambitious and broke down my goals by category.  Ack!  I do like the last quote, though, "I will appreciate what little progress I make despite my shortcomings."
One of my favorite talks from this past conference was President Uchtdorf's talk "Of Regrets and Resolutions".  A few of my favorite quotes:
No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish. There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it.

One day we will take that unavoidable step and cross from this mortal sphere into the next estate. One day we will look back at our lives and wonder if we could have been better, made better decisions, or used our time more wisely.

To avoid some of the deepest regrets of life, it would be wise to make some resolutions today. Therefore, let us: 
  •  Resolve to spend more time with those we love.
  •  Resolve to strive more earnestly to become the person God wants us to be.
  •  Resolve to find happiness, regardless of our circumstances.
I think those last three resolutions are perfect to focus on.  I will continue working on other goals, including finding a job, building food storage, being a better mom, and everything else I'm continuously working on! 

And when you ask how my resolutions are going, please excuse the snort of laughter!

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