Thursday, January 10, 2013

My favorite project from 2012

One way I keep my spending on decorating and crafting in check is by taking what I have already and using it in a way that helps me stay organized.  I have an old china cabinet that is kind of shabby chic-ish, and in our old house I had dishes in it, including our everyday dishes because we had a limited amount of cupboard space in our kitchen.  And it made setting the table easy because the plates (and cloth napkins in a drawer) were right there by the table.

The house we live in now is smaller but has a bigger kitchen with more cupboards, so I don't need the extra storage.  I kept my great-grandmother's china packed up and decided to use the china hutch for scrapbooking supplies storage.

The hutch is sitting on the only wall-papered wall in the dining area, and I have to say that I love this wallpaper!  I'm pretty certain that it's original to this 1960's house, and it's in perfect shape.  Not a tear or smudge.  When I unpacked I just threw everything onto the shelves, so this was half-empty (or half-full for you optimistic folk). 

So this is BEFORE:

The back wall of the hutch was painted a lovely light pink (it was previously a blue and a dark red) and I wanted to brighten it up a bit so  white it is!  Just a couple of quick coats did the trick.

And here is AFTER:

I already had the canvas totes on top and they're holding larger supplies and alterable wood.  Most of my containers were aqua blue and green, which go just fine with the yellow and greens in the wallpaper and china hutch. 

This cute couple holds some paintbrushes, and my art journals are behind just begging to be taken out to be used!  The tins hold tags and some pictures.

The large green buckets are planters I got at an awesome yard sale for a quarter apiece.  The small buckets are from Target's dollar spot. These are holding small embellishments sorted by color.

Love these cigar boxes, they're the perfect size for metal embellishments like eyelets, grommets and brads. One of them holds old clothespins, and another has some tape runner refills. 

Jars are my other favorite go-to holder; makes everything visible. 

Old music books I use in my projects and some paint in an old wooden box that I picked up at a yard sale, too. It was already painted that awesome blue!

This isn't everything, but I wanted to keep some of my favorite and often used things in the cabinet.  I have ribbons and tools and all kinds of other things in the cupboards and drawers.  And the coat closet in the entry way holds even more supplies. 

Hope this inspires you to use something in your home in an unconventional way!  It's not the prettiest thing in the house, but it is functional and useful for me.

This is a revamp of the post from last August, one of my favorite projects I've tackled this past year, and I'm sharing here:


Homemakers Challenge



The CSI Girl said...

This hutch is beautiful! Love the color. I shared on my FB page. Thanks for linking up to The cSI Project!
Dee, The CSI Girl

Cristina Garay said...

That's a beautiful piece of furniture! I love the new background color and how you use different storage solutions. The cigar boxes are my favorite!

Laurie said...

Thank you for linking up your post at Homemakers Challenge!
I love what you've done with that hutch! And I really like your wallpaper too! :)

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