Saturday, January 9, 2010

A goal without a daily plan of action is just a wish.

That quote from Dave Ramsey was sent to me by my friend Susan, and I think I will post it where I can read it every day.

Now that it's a new year in Primary, I'm really trying to get organized. I've run across some good blog posts on that subject.

Marie Ricks has some ideas on how to organize in order to magnify your calling.

Here is a funny post from Normal Mormon Husbands: A tribute to Primary Music Leaders everywhere! Love the "down in the River Jordan" visual aid he came up with. I've been a PML enough to know how much you have to deliver every Sunday.


Jen said...

I like that quote. I remember one from college that was similar, "A goal has an actualized practical plan. Anything less is just a dream."

Amy said...

Great quote, I am a DR fan, I listen to his podcasts daily. :)

Anonymous said...

mom yu really need to post more often with pics instead of words

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