Friday, January 4, 2013

I see crafting and sewing in my near future...

Pinterest is so useful when trying to put together ideas for a project.  Like a total-DIY-bedroom-makeover-on-a-budget for the newly turned 15-year-old girl in the family.

She's been needing a comprehensive re-do.

The plan is:
  1. keep the furniture and paint all of it, each piece a different color!
  2. find a nightstand at a local thrift store or garage sale
  3. look for some fabric or sheets to make curtains and quilt from
  4. diy art
  5. bulletin board above desk
  6. grouping of frames
  7. full length mirror
  8. T-shirt rug

And the breakdown:

#1 This painted bookshelf is adorable.  Walls will stay white in the bedroom.

Could not find a source for this photo : (
#2 Nightstand with drawer is on the list of things to look for.

#3 She's thinking an Indian type print would be fun.  Something like this from PBTeen.


#4 Love the look of this canvas, and it would be easy to do on our own.

#5 We'll probably get a bulletin board then spray paint it to add some more color to the wall.

#6  This cluster of frames would be a cute addition above the dresser.

Orignally pinned from but not there anymore.

#7 And we'll add an inexpensive full length mirror and jazz it up a bit.

#8 A time-consuming project will be this t-shirt rug.  But the look is awesome!.

We've got a little bit of work to look forward to, but I think it will really come together!

We'll keep you posted!

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