Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meal plan for January 2013, Week 2

I'm loving my pinterest "All Things Food" board, and I'm constantly pinning new recipes.  Check out my 485 (and counting) pins, and follow my board if you'd like!

Chicken Ragout
New recipe to try, but it looked yummy.  I'm going to use chicken leg quarters with this.

Baked Tacos
These I made on the same day as the lasagna and baked penne, along with some burritos that I put in the freezer, too.  Making some meals ahead is actually a strategy I use to keep the kids from eating all of the groceries right after I make a shopping trip, especially since I like to shop for a couple of weeks at a time.  I stuffed and froze these in a 9x13 pan, and then I'll heat them up for dinner.

Baked Penne
I used the sauce from the lasagna last week, made some penne, and layered it with spinach and cheese to make a mock lasagna, then froze it to take out this week.

BBQ Pork Riblets in Crock Pot with Mashed Potatoes
I buy riblets at the grocery store.  They are the small, top bones of pork ribs, and are good thrown in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce and served with mashed potatoes and veggies.

Slow Cooker Enchiladas
I'm using a homemade enchilada sauce instead of canned.  So much cheaper!  I'm not sure why enchilada sauce is over $2/can at the store.

Tri-Tip and Mashed Potatoes 
The tri-tip is leftovers from the freezer and I'm making a double batch of mashed potatoes on the BBQ pork riblet day. 

I'm also working on a master grocery list for at least a month's worth of dinners, so I'll post it on the blog when that is done.  These first 2 weeks of the year I've been cooking for 7 since my niece is here visiting, so I'm more of a large quantity cook.

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