Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008! Now get working on those resolutions!

In 2008 I resolve to:

1. Lose 40 pounds
2. Never, ever, ever yell at Andy or the kids again.
3. Keep the house clean at all times
4. Read church lessons before they are taught.
5. Keep up with the laundry
6. Exercise every day.
7. Go back to school.

OK, who am I kidding! I’ve already broken 2,3, and 6 and the year has barely started!
If I try to stick with these, I’ve just set myself up for a fall.

At church this past Sunday the talks were on “Goals and Resolutions.” I’ve been having an internal dialogue running through my mind for the past few weeks on just these things. I’ve failed at my resolutions every year as far back as I remember. How can I make goals and resolutions and not disappoint myself when my grandiose plans go awry?

I’m a planner. I love to map out the day exactly how I want it to go. Then I remember that - Oh, yeah, I have 4 kids and a husband who can’t read my mind and will not cooperate with anything I DO plan. Then those feelings of frustration get the better of me, and we’re all miserable.

So this year I am drawing up an outline; something less specific, a little more general than those resolutions listed above.

1. What general areas do I want to focus on?
A. Intellectual
B. Physical
C. Social
D. Spiritual
E. Familial {OK, I really don’t use this word, but I wanted it to go with the others. This will be goals to do with family life.}

2. How do I keep myself motivated?
A. Little things count!
B. Enjoy the journey.
C. Don’t spread myself too thin.
D. Don’t think “I’ll be happy when this or this happens.”
E. Make a conscious effort at all times, but don’t stress the setbacks.
And, to quote from this article:
I will appreciate what little progress I make despite my shortcomings.
There, that little disclaimer should cover me!


dunlopdesigns said...

awesome way to try to stick to your resolutions! best of luck in 2008!

Family O'Foxes said...

When I first started reading your post...I thought, "uh oh, she is going to be frustrated quickly"...I'm glad to see you were only kidding.

Great things to work on! :)

Jen said...

Good post. I think you are right, resolutions are hard to stick to when they are unreasonable. Good luck with your goals.

Jen @ Lords of the Manor

The Lazy Organizer said...

Ok, that was funny! I thought you were serious until I got to #3! Have a great new year!

Scribbit said...

I was going to me in awe of you--the lessons one in particular :)

CresceNet said...

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Amy said...

Wow, I was thinking those would be really difficult! My goal this year is to take at least one photo a day and post it on my blog, all in manual mode. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying 2008 so far! Amy :)

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