Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Ten reasons I'd love to visit Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is located smack in the middle of the east coast, the Atlantic Ocean, and in the South.  Three places that I have never been.  But I could visit it all in one fell swoop by going to Virginia Beach!

Here are my Top Ten Reasons I'd Love To Visit Virginia Beach:

10.  Virginia Beach.  It has BEACH in the name.  Really, what more can I say.

9.  Miles of pristine beaches, state parks, wildlife trails, and meandering waterways. (from the website)
We'd love to visit the Fishermans Island National Wildlife Refuge.

8.  Like I said above, I've never been to the East Coast.  Ever.  I have been to almost every state from Wisconsin and Missouri over to California and Oregon, but not east of the Midwest. (Have I confused you yet?)   I've always wanted to go to the East Coast in the fall, too, to see the fall colors, and visiting the beaches of Virginia Beach would be an amazing bonus!

7.  My hubby and the kids would love to do some fishing there! We haven't been fishing in forever, and Andy and the boys really enjoy it!

6.  We are history buffs and would love to show the kids some of America's founding history, like the lighthouses at Cape Henry, or retrace the footsteps of our forefathers at First Landing State Park, or call the notable Adam Thoroughgood House home for the day.

5.  Real Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean seafood!  Yum!  Fresh seafood at the local restaurants, and the seashore to eat it by.

4.  Free beaches!  Not the same as the "free" (nude) beaches here on the west coast.  The 3 beaches at Virginia Beach are no cost, not even for parking.  What a deal!

3.  Strawberries.  Virginia Beach produces more strawberries than any other Virginia city. And we sure do love strawberries! And strawberry shortcake, and strawberry pie, and strawberries and cream, and strawberry smoothies, and just plain old fresh strawberries and sugar.

2.  Virginia Beach features a fireworks show twice a week through the summer, not only for Independence Day.  Sounds pretty cool, right? The kids--and the parents--would really enjoy that!

1.  According to Monkey, the beach is where Heavenly Father lives.  So I'm thinking that Virginia Beach would be pretty heavenly.  How much more could we ask for?

If I ever do get that trip to the East Coast, Virginia Beach is on my short list for sights to see and relaxation.

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Laura@livingabigstory said...

I've never been to Virginia (at least not for a vacation), but Doc had a conference there and loved it. I definitely love the East Coast beaches better then the West Coast.

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