Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do you do in the summertime...

With the lazy, hazy, and sometimes crazy days of summer upon us, we’re always looking for something to fill those hours of down time we tend to have.  I can’t make the kids do word problems and read books all the time, when they are not swimming or riding their bikes, that is.  So it’s fun to look for something else, something new that will give us plenty of enjoyment.

A website that has really impressed me with the interesting toys and games they carry is  Their online store is not full of the same-old/same-old things, but has a huge variety of toys, games and books.  One of the games we have put on our wish list is the No Stress Chess game.  When we were still in Missouri the two younger boys were learning to play chess from their Uncle Kyle, so this would be a great way to reinforce that and keep them going.  I'm big into learning toys.  Why not learn, or work on, a skill while playing a game or with a toy?

There are so many ways to narrow your search when looking for toys children love:  You can search by a child's age, by price if you are working with a specific budget, and by category of toy, or by the skill that you might want to teach or reinforce. 

Most sites have product reviews. ebeanstalk reviews happen before a product makes it on their site. Their team of child-experts looked at, tested and selected only the best toys. Then, they matched the toys to a child’s stage of development. Then they custom write an instruction card for each and every toy. This is the ebeanstalk review process. No other site does this; not even close. By conducting the review ahead of time, they ensure that their toys are the best and are matched to a child’s stage of development.

The baby toy section has everything imaginable, including a Resource Guide for Baby Toys & Child Development, including short, cute videos with adorable babies like this one:

Whatever you do this summer, make it a great one, with lots of family time.  What better way to do it than to play together?

This post was sponsored by  The opinions expressed are all my own.  I'm very opinionated, you know. ;)

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Ramona said...

Kyle was teaching Joe and Mario chess? When was this going on?

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