Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby's First 100 Days: A book review

My babies are not babies anymore.  In fact, Monkey, who IS the baby, is going into 2nd grade this year.  I'm not sure where the time has gone, and I know everyone says this, but it seems like yesterday that I was bringing the oldest home from the hospital.  Even though I have 6 younger brothers and sisters and did a lot of babysitting, I had no clue how much hard work and how exhausting it was going to be. (And it still is!)

After reading the book "Baby's First 100 Days" by Margaret Stephensen Meere, I realized how valuable this book would have been for me to help muddle through those first few months of having a brand new, tiny, human being who was entrusted into my care.  

Margaret breaks the beginning of the book down into chapters dealing with Tired Signs, Crying, Sleeping, Feeding, and Settling. What she learned by observing newborns and infants is translated into a common sense approach to parenting the newborn and infant, and getting to know the nuances and signs that communicate what is going on with the baby.

In the Nurturing the Newborn Parent and Having Fun sections, Margaret gives us more pearls of wisdom like, "Schedules are flexible—so stop for friends and family on the way and have fun. You are on the journey of your life."  She also reminds us to take the first 5 or 6 weeks to heal our body, and to get to know the little bundle that takes up all of our time.

Reading through "Baby's First 100 Days" was like a walk down memory lane. I was able to think about each of my kids as they were going through the different stages that were discussed in the book, and learn some great new advise along the way.  I also realized that I had one genius baby "who hardly ever cried. They burp
on cue, fart discreetly, and smile the moment they are born."  In fact, she cried so little that when she did we were so surprised that we would laugh for a minute! 

I would definitely recommend Margaret's book to any new parent, no matter if they had 1 child or 10 children.  My baby sister is due any minute with her second baby, and this is a must read for her.

Disclaimer:  I received an electronic copy of "Baby's First 100 Days" from Cedar Fort, Inc. to read.  I was not compensated in any way for my review, I'm just expressing my own opinion. 

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Laura@livingabigstory said...

Don't you just MISS those days sometimes?! I'm so happy to see my little guys growing up, but that little monkey days are sooo cuddley!

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