Friday, October 15, 2010


Need I say more?  Not only is it a delicious, almost everybody loves them cookie, but it's also a great nickname for someone you love. 

Come on over here, you little snickerdoodle.  Let me take a little nibble.

As you can see by the spills and splashes, this is well-loved and oft-used recipe.  Don't let that yield: about 5 dozen fool you though, I usually only get 3 dozen out of this.  And I also add a little vanilla, even though it doesn't call for it. 

Because vanilla makes everything better.

Kind of like sour cream.

Hmm. Maybe some vanilla flavored sour cream.

Now that would gross my kids out!

We made these yesterday, and I'll be on a third grade field trip today with a bunch of snickerdoodles. 

I might bring some cookies along, too.

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