Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just a little down-home fun

at the Green Ridge Harvest Fun Fest. At least I think that's what they called it.
We call it Park Day. It's the day that residents of our town,
population 4 hundred and something,
get together to have a little fun.
Just about anyone can participate in the parade and craft fair for no charge.
This is the view from the Pre-School float.
Carmen, Natalia, Jerica and Monkey are tossing out candy to innocent by-standers and parade-goers who hopefully are paying attention so they don't get a Tootsie Roll upside the head.

What do you do with the empty candy bucket?

Why, use it as a hat of course.

Pre-teen boys need something to do. Why not get a little creative?

Yes, that's Brian in the wagon.

His friend Joe is driving. See the sign? "Lawn Mower Posse".

And the wagon up ahead is the "Paddy Wagon".

This is what a three-year-old looks like after cleaning out the bake sale.

Can you say tummy ache?

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