Thursday, October 25, 2007

An angel when he's smilin' and a devil when he ain't

This is how our morning went:

"Joseph, please get up and get dressed."

"JO-seph, get dressed, your going to be late to school!"

"JOSEPH! You have to get dressed!"


Then I pulled out the big guns and bribed him with food. {I was desperate!}

"Greta made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. If you don't get ready for school you're going to miss them."
He had already gotten out of bed and out of his jammies by this point, then got back into bed. Because he didn't like his pants. Or his shirt. And could only find one shoe. Humph.

Then I pulled out the camera, which he thought was funny at first. I didn't. I wanted to remember how ridiculous this really was, the power struggle we go through every morning.
This is what we call "Flailing". It's really just flopping around while throwing a fit. And he wasn't smiling here, he was crying. Nice.

After dropping the older kids off at school, I came back home to load up a crying kindergartner, drove back to the school to unload a crying kindergartner, walked him into the school and tried to get him to go into the cafeteria. Or the gym. Or anywhere. At that point I didn't care where he went!

The principal, Mrs. Brock saw our little drama and took pity on me, steering Joe to where he needed to be, and I took off to leave him in her capable hands.

Thank goodness they're off of school tomorrow!


Lisa@Take90West said...

I have been there! What is it about kindergarten boys that don't want to get moving in the morning? And when his day starts of bad, so does everyone else's. Especially mine!

Tara said...

mmmmmmmm....Greta's biscuits and gravy!!!! that was always a favorite!!!!

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Annie - love the pictures. I'll be sure to direct my sister to this post. She'll commiserate with you.

Thanks for dropping by This story of Cindy's, regarding the conversion to Christianity of young noblewoman was very inspiring wasn't it? It really struck me too.

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