Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16 - Simple Menu Shopping Trip

After posting Day 11's Simple Menu  and thinking about my estimate for the groceries, I thought I'd take a look at what the groceries really are at my local Winco grocery store for that menu.  I have to say, I didn't do too badly!  

Simple Menu Shopping List:

Baking and dried goods
5 lb. bag flour for tortillas and bread  $1.89 
1 box baking mix for pancakes, waffles, biscuits; prepared w/powdered milk, no eggs  $2.98
1 box cornbread mix  $ .48 (I bought 2 for $ .96)
2 lbs. pasta  (I bought 3 lbs. for $2.48)
4 lb. bag sugar (I bought 2 lbs. brown sugar for $1.58)
1 small box powdered milk  $6.51

Canned or Jarred goods
1 bottle syrup $1.68
2 cans pasta sauce  $ .88 each/ $1.76 total
4 cans tuna $ .75 each/ $3.00 total
2 medium cans chili (I bought 4 at $ .98 each, $3.92 total)
2 cans chicken  $1.98 each/$3.96 tota
l2 cans green beans  $ .65 each/$1.30 total
1 jar or can of peaches  (I bought 2 cans mandarin oranges $ .58 each/$1.16 total)
2 cans tomatoes (I bought 2 cans w/chilis and 2 cans Italian style at $ .57 each/$2.28 total)
1 can fruit cocktail  (I bought 2 cans mandarin oranges $ .58 each/$1.16 total)
2 boxes mac and cheese (I subbed Pasta Roni w/same servings at $.88 each/$1.76 total)
1 can pork and beans (I bought 2 cans at $ .68 each/$1.36 total)
Total spent this trip:       $39.74
Extras bought equal:      $  5.08
Total from original list: $ 34.66

This receipt tape did not print clearly, but the prices are all there!

Missing from my shopping trip purchases from the list above were these items and my estimated cost for them:
2 lbs. rice  $1.50
2 lbs. pinto beans   $2.00
1 small bottle canola oil  $2.00
1 jar mayonnaise  $2.50
1 small bottle Parmesan cheese  $2.00
2 cans mixed veggies  $1.25
1 jar Peanut butter $3.00
1 jar jam  $1.50
1 box oatmeal $2.50                        
Total needing to spend:    $18.25
Total spent above:             $34.66
Approximate total cost:    $52.91  

Other ingredients used but not purchased:
Baking powder
dried onions

Again, I realize this is not a perfect menu; it is basically my way of getting some bang for a buck and slowly adding to food stores one week at a time in an inexpensive way.  Most of the products I bought were store brands, and I've had good luck using them.  Sometimes the quality of generic brands is not great, but with these I'm confidant they'll be fine.  

This menu also allows for a minimal amount of cooking and could be cooked on a wood stove or a single propane burner, or even in a dutch oven in case the electricity is out.

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