Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 - Some Helpful Links and Resources

I find a LOT of things online to help get us prepared.  And online resources are great, but make sure if it is information you need in an emergency (maybe instructions on how to set up and use your emergency generator when the electricity is out) you have a hard copy printed out and put in a file.  I keep some of my food storage recipes, emergency instructions like how to construct a water filtration system.

If you are planning your food storage strategy read this article from Emergency Essentials on 15 Tips for Food Storage Shopping.

How about putting together an Emergency Kit for your car?  I especially love that he included a can of Spam.  :P

My baby sister is a consultant for Shelf Reliance, and their Thrive freeze-dried food is awesome.  And she didn't ask me to say that or promote it, but I am.  My recipe for Brown Rice a Barley Pilaf using freeze-dried vegetables was a hit with my family.

If you have a Costco membership and like to shop online, here are a few things you can buy from their website:  Water Storage Barrels and their Emergency Food Supplies.

Top 100 Items You Might Want to Store includes Bleach, Boy Scout Handbook, and a Bicycle (just to mention a few B items!)

This is a fun emag from Homestead Drying Racks (one of which I would really love!)  Articles on how to Homestead in a small space and bee keeping.

Preparedness Pro has an informative article about food prices rising.  She's got some good all-around preparedness tips, too.

Check out my "Be Prepared" Pinterest board for more links to things I think are important or interesting in planning to be prepared for anything.  I will continue adding to it regularly!  And for those of you who are Y2K "survivors":

But I still go back to the old saying "It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry!"  or my Grandma's saying, "Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance". 

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