Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old books...and bloggy inspiration

I'm a book lover. When I was growing up you would rarely find me without a book in hand, or at least close by. I read anything I could get my hands on, especially in during summer break. I'd read to the dog, the calves on the farm, and holed up in the treehouse with one of the stack of books I checked out of the library each week. Now that I am older with more responsibilities, I don't do nearly as much reading as I used to, but I still love books. I almost always look at the books at garage sales and thrift stores and I shop the Friends of the Library sale shelves at our local library.

When I saw this post on Mitzi's Collectibles Blog I thought the books she covered in sheet music were adorable. She just made slip covers for them like my kids do with paper bags for their school books. Adorable.

Peat Pots. Who knew? I've been seeing them everywhere, so I picked a pack of peat pots up (say that 5 times fast!) for a buck and a half, and the two little boys and I busted out the paint on Saturday. Monkey pooped out after painting the blue one and went to work with the paper shredder to shred the "grass". Fez added a ribbon and paper handle to his green pot, and I went with ribbon, flowers, and buttons and added a pink tag for gift-giving. We used the medium sized pots, not the little ones.  They're the perfect size for an egg or some Cadbury mini eggs, jelly beans, or the ever-important chocolate bunny.

Joe's is the dark green pot.

Since the boys went with jewel tones, I softened the red pot with a doily tied on with w ribbon bow.

The amazingly talented Vicki Chrisman posted a picture of her peat pot Easter basket here, (Warning, she has music on her blog so turn of the speakers if the baby is asleep or you're reading this at work! Just scroll down to see it and some of her other lovelies.

Martha Stewart has an adorable Easter basket made from the small square peat pots.

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Jill said...

Beautiful baskets! Sounds like you all had fun making them!

Just stopped by from the Wednesday blog hop. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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