Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is 8:19 am and the children have left the building.

Whew.  I can take a breather.  Here were bits and pieces of my morning:

  1. Have Brian rummage around for the car keys so we can get him to seminary the customary 5 minutes late.  Seminary is 4 blocks away.
  2. Listen to Natalia yell and stomp on her way to the shower because "you didn't wake me up early enough".  One would think that an hour to get ready for school is plenty of time.
  3. Make pancakes in the shape of easter bunnies that husband says look like something unmentionable, since this is a family blog.
  4. Pack lunches into three lunch bags while piling the fourth onto the counter because the youngest is too busy to track down his lunch box.
  5. Rummage through magazines to find 10 for the oldest to take to school for extra credit.  I'm not really sure why he needs magazines, but it's a good way to purge them.
  6. Make sure everyone gets out the door with what they need for the day.
My next steps?
  1. Clean the filthy kitchen and put the meat in the crockpot to make taquitos tonight.
  2. Check that the stained up baseball pants are as clean as I can get them for another game tonight.
  3. Get ready for work. 
Achk!  I'd better get moving...

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