Monday, September 8, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I am really excited to be doing a guest post for the Steals and Deals blog! Mandy asked me to come up with a teacher appreciation gift. So I started thinking about the different teachers my kids have had through the years, and things that they enjoyed doing. Brian’s first grade teacher always asked for things for his classroom -Pencils, crayons, markers, age appropriate books, etc.

Our school has a book fair going on right now, and some of the teachers have a wish list of books they would like for their classroom. Do like a friend of mine does, and buy one or two of the books, then donate the to the class in honor of someone you love.
The project I have here uses some of my scrapbooking skills and supplies, but an be adapted to suit different tastes and budgets. Let your imagination run wild!

4 12x12 sheets of patterned paper or cardstock
Decorative ribbon
1 Large Paint Can (unused! You can buy one at Lowe's or the hardward store.)
Embellishments of your choice that coordinate with paper (flowers, buttons, tags, diecuts, use your imagination!)

Tools needed
Twelve inch Paper Trimmer
Brown or Black Ink Pad
Hole punch and setter
Circle cutter
1” circle punch

Step 1: Lid
Cut 5 inch circle from one sheet of paper.
Cut 4 and a half inch circle from another coordinating paper.
Punch 1 inch circle from another .
Ink edges of all circles.
Layer five inch and four inch circles and adhere to lid.
Top with small cardstock circle and button strung with a piece of the narrow ribbon.

Step 2: Can
Cut two 3 and a half inch wide strips from a patterned paper.
Measure one of the strips across the top edge of can and mark center of handle. Use the circle punch to cut out the circle.
Measure 2nd strip for back side of can and trim.
Ink top edge of both pieces and adhere to can.
Cut two 4 and a half inch strips from a patterned paper.
Ink top and bottom edges and adhere to the can using the bottom of can as a guide.
Cut two small strips of a third paper so it looks like ribbon {This is a little tricky!} and ink long sides. Glue over the seam of the other two papers.
Now embellish! Make it as simple or creative as you like.
Tie some small strips of ribbon along handle.

This is going to be a Rest & Relaxation gift. The card reads, ”Take a little time off from the 3 R s for a little bit of R & R”. I am including a up and saucer from an antique store (about $5) some tea, a candle, and some homemade cookies.

There are so many other things you can put in this little baby! If your teacher is a movie buff, pick up a couple of movie passes and some microwave popcorn and movie sized candy.

An avid reader would be able to make use of a gift card from the local book store, a reading light, bookmark and a chocolate bar.

Get to know your children's teachers. Volunteer in the classroom. If you can't do that, ask if they need help with anything. Your children spend a good chunk of time with them every day, show them how much you appreciate them.


Mandy said...

This is such a great idea Annie! I knew you wouldn't disappoint! :-) I also really love the idea of donating books in the classroom, such a simple thing and affordable with the scholastic book orders or book fairs.

Thanks again Annie! I am actually excited to work on a few of these teacher appreciation ideas now! And that says a lot since I am not the craftiest person... :-)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Very cute.

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