Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Boy


I can't believe that you are turning 7 today. It seems like yesterday, those tense days after 9/11 when we were waiting for you to emerge into this uncertain world.

Grammie was at the Kansas City airport on 9/11, and was getting ready to board her flight to San Francisco to be there for your birth. When the first plane hit the Twin Towers, Dad and I were just waking up at the house in Santa Rosa. Aunt Emily called us, and we turned the TV on to see the terrible "accident". Of course, moments later we knew it wasn't an accident, and for the next few days before you were born, we spent a lot of time watching and wondering at the horror of what happened that day.

Grammie was able to get a flight on your birthday, and showed up at the hospital just 5 minutes after you were born.

You were such a sweet baby! Always cuddly, wanting to be held and snuggled. You've kept your loving sweetness, too! You are polite and kind to others, and love to learn new things. You say things every day that crack me up! I love everything about you, even your possible missing digestive enzyme that makes you smell like pickles or garlic for days after you eat them. Just something more about you to love.

Happy Birthday to my Boy!

We are blessed that you are a part of our family.

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