Thursday, December 27, 2007

{Birthday Girl} and a Christmas Miracle

Happy Birthday to my Brown-Eyed Girl!

She's 10 years old today, but not until 4:11 p.m., so she says she is still 9. She's always so very precise! She has already celebrated by going to the movies last night with Aunt Tara and Sierra, but I Am Legend gave her nightmares. Guess it was a little scary! Tonight is chicken enchiladas and cake and ice cream at Grammy's.

Now, a Christmas Miracle!

Olivia Billings is a sweet little four-year old girl in our Pre-school class here at Green Ridge. Watch this clip and you will find out about her and her parents. She is having a hard time with a new heart she received from a donor on Sunday. Her mom, Lena Billings, is a teacher at Green Ridge School, and both Brian and Natalia were in her class.

They are sweet and humble, and are always so positive and upbeat! I don't know that I could do the same if I were in their situation.

Please keep Olivia in your prayers. We want to see her back to school as soon as possible!

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