Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Welcome, new baby girl!

After a hard labor, and 3 attempts at an epidural, new baby girl Santana Rose has graced us with her presence. While her mommy was doing all of the work of bringing her into this world, I was running herd on her two older brothers. Boy, is it going to be chaos at their home for a while.

Monkey and Natalia were not going to be left behind, so they made the trek to the hospital with me. Joe waved as we pulled away from the house and called, "Take a picture of her for me!" Ah, he's so sentimental. {Have you ever noticed that word has "Mental" in it? Hmm, something to ponder.}

I know I'm rambling, but I'm a little bit over-tired since the twins woke up three times last night.


Matteo kept me awake by torturing me with baby slaps to the face and grabbing my nose while leaning in to share his slobber and spit. Maybe he thought I was non-responsive and needed mouth-to-mouth? I guess we'll never know.


Amy said...

What a gorgeous baby she is! Pretty name too.

deb said...

Beautiful little girl! Congrats to everyone.

Karla said...

I am so exited for Adam and Melissa! This has been one exiting year for them.

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