Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mom, It's an ICE AGE! And glasses.

Joe can see now! Why does a pair of glasses make people look so much smarter?

Mom, It's an ICE AGE!

That's what Monkey told me yesterday when he looked outside. Of course, he was watching Ice Age at the time, so I'm sure that's what made him think of it. Aren't these cool pictures? Especially since I took them. {Remember, my photography skills are seriously lacking.} These pictures were taken at my parent's house. Our ice storm this weekend wasn't as bad as in other areas, like in Oklahoma where Tom and Vicki are. {Hi Tom and Vicki!}

The Weather Doctor calls it "Hazardous Beauty", and it truly is. The roads ice over like a skating rink, and you can't get your footing. Cars slip and slide even in four-wheel drive. We saw a truck that had slid through the ditch and into a telephone pole. The people in it were fine, but the pole wasn't; it was tipped at an angle over the top of them.

Andy slid through a ditch and had to drive over someone's yard to get out of it, taking out the stop sign on the corner. He doesn't read the blog so he won't know that I told you that. {hee hee}

I slipped and fell in the Pre-school parking lot, and Monkey said, "You're supposed to be holding my hand, Mom!" Wasn't that sweet of him to think he can hold me up!

I love the contrast of the autumn leaves with the ice on the trees in the picture above.

See the ribbons of ice that slid down the roof and curled around the gutter?

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