Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Fun

So, this is what the kids are UP to today. Which wouldn't be so unusual except for the small fact that it's RAINING...a slow, steady rain. It's 7:00p.m., and they've been out there all day in it, only coming in periodically to fill their empty tummies or change into dry clothes, only to scamper back out once again to soak them back up again.
Mario's all decked out in his brand new "Wightning Mcqueen" helmet and pads. I was standing there with the camera waiting for him to ride up to me, and when I was taking pictures of him he said, "Guess what, Mom. My girlfriend's home." His girlfriend is the new little neighbor girl who moved into my brother's old house. She's 8. When he first met her he told me, "I wuv Courtney!"
Natalia and Joseph joined two of their friends on the neighbors trampoline. If you can't tell from the pic, they look like drowned rats! Natalia wanted to make sure that I got her while she was in the air, which wasn't easy for a terrible photographer like me!

Pre-Independence Day Facts and Figures:

5 Number of U.S. places with "America" in their names, with the most populous being American Fork, Utah, population 22,501.

5 Number of U.S. places that adopted the name "Freedom." Freedom, California, with 6,000 residents, has the largest population among these.

11 Number of U.S. places with "Independence" in their names. The most populous of these is Independence, Missouri, with 113,027 residents.

Andy works in Independence a couple of days a week, so I thought this was kinda fun!

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