Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer

I think of witty things to put on my blog at least a few times a day, but like everything else, when I sit down to type they've already gone through the holes of this sieve I call my brain. Last things first: Joseph had a couple of baseball games this week. We've found out that he is very intense when he's up to bat. In his uniform he looks like a mini professional player. His buddy Carson's dad always gives him a couple of streaks of eye black. I'll have to get a close-up of it. This is him warming up.

OK, I'm not very good at this whole blogging thing. I have to figure out how to get the pictures with the words that go with them. Friday in Pictures: Spent yesterday afternoon having a picnic in the backyard with #2 Sis Emily's group. Here's what I could get of the food table before they devoured it, Joseph and Jack with their lunch, and Jerica modeling a small portion of her jewelry collection. She won't leave the house without some jewelry on. Then on to an estate sale where I found these quilt tops made out of flour sacks. So cute! I'm keeping my favorite and "trying" to sell the others in my Etsy shop. Love the old school books, magazines, and couldn't pass up the well-used rooster tray. The colors are lovely!

Wednesday our group and Emily's group went over to Windsor to run some errands, so we had a picnic at the park where Monkey promptly peed his pants. He was a little too busy playing to realize he had to go, I guess. I had to run to the store to get a cheap pair of shorts. Then we headed over to the Amish store. Look at this picture closely...notice anything different than a usual picture of the horizon? I asked the kids while we were driving up, and after I told them they said, "Oh, yeah!" No electric lines or telephone poles! The traditional Amish don't have electricity or telephones. The store doesn't have any lights, just the natural light that comes in through the windows. They have horses and buggies, and huge beautiful gardens, and white homes. Always white. Almost always with small windows, too. I can't remember the reason for that. Anywho-you can also see a cell phone tower in the distance there. We bought some bulk foods, which is mostly what they sell. Raisins, carob chips, ranch dressing mix, and fresh veggies, including some tiny little green beans. I'll post some more about the kids another day, including more pictures! Remember, you can click on a picture to enlarge it.
There is one inconvenience with having a large family. Whenever Emily and I go somewhere with all of the kids, we have to take two vehicles. We each can seat 8 people, but we total 11! (9 kids and 2 moms).
Oh, yeah, Tara, if you've made it this far in reading, I'll be talking about you too soon.


Tara said...'re funny. SO funny....

Amy said...

Love all your photos! It's so fun to see what you all are doing. I'm guessing there must be a town called Windsor near you??? You all have a herd of kids!

Amy said...

Btw, I like your new header! Did you make the quilt? It's really pretty!

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