Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paint Spraying in my Art Journal tutorial

Paint is fun.  Remember being in grade school and just being able to create whatever you wanted?  Or fingerpainting?  Or even stenciling?  I love using paint on my scrapbook pages and other projects.  I wanted to try doing some paint spraying on my art journal to see how it would turn out.

Paint spraying is a little bit different than spray painting.  My paint spraying was inspired by Donna Downey who uses the little plastic spray bottles to spritz paint onto her pages.  I've filled mine with half water and half paint, or you can even make a smaller batch by using 1/4 of the bottle each with paint and water, and then just shaking them up when I want to use them.

I bought these in the travel section at the store for less than a dollar apiece.  They're just the thing for a burst of color on this gloomy, rainy day.

These are simple 5 inch french doilies from Cash and Carry.  I put them on a 12x12 scrapbook paper so I can use the sprayed paper once they're done.

 I spritzed over the top of them, getting them pretty saturated.  Then I let them sit for about ten minutes before taking them off.  Don't let them dry on the paper or they'll start to stick.

Here's the paper with the doilies off.  The photo's a bit out of focus, but I think it will do nicely for a future project.

I spritzed the pages of my journal with white, aqua, and orange paint.  I tested them on scrap paper first, since you can see that each of the nozzles has a different spray pattern.  Then I butted up a piece of scrap paper to the edges of the book so I wouldn't get any overspray on the cover.

I flipped the doilies over to show just a tinge of the aqua instead of the saturated side.  I like that look.

I finished off the page with a quote printed on regular printer paper and cut into strips, then edged with a little ink.  The circles are chipboard covered with patterned paper.  I just wanted a pop of orange, and decided on something bigger than buttons.

Then I used the stencil as a guide for a little bit of journaling.  Again, no doodling and nothing crazy, just a quick page to continue on my One Little Word journey.

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dawn said...

What a great idea, this came out so pretty. I love those colors together also. Seems your spraying worked pretty good. I've done this with my little squirt bottles and after a few sprays it clogs up and doesn't work much after that. Do you think maybe the paint was to thick and I should add more water?

Really love this!!

Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

SusieQTpies said...

So cool! I'm sharing it with my daughters! Stop in and link this up in the Saturday Pinterest Party and I will pin it for you! Have a great weekend!

Susie http://cafescrapper-scrapsoflife.blogspot.com/2012/01/pinterest-favorites-link-up-4.html

Corine said...

You did this to remind me to start that circle journal, right? ;) You know I will email you when I do (or post it on my blog). See you again soon...

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