Saturday, April 24, 2010

What will you do now that you've won the lottery? "I'm going to Disney World!"

"And fixing my two front teeth."

Ok, that's not me talking, but Chris Shaw, a Missourian who won $258 million smackers on Wednesday.

Thursday morning I heard that the winning ticket had been sold in Marshall, Mo, at the Breaktime, and I called Andy to half-seriously ask him if he'd bought a ticket there. Only half-seriously, mind you.

Hope this guy manages it OK! Good luck, Chris Shaw!


Tara said...

if I got that much money I wouldn't be going to disney world....and if I did I would rent the ENTIRE park for the whole fam and my friends to enjoy without ANY crowds!!!!!!! How cool would that be? Or buy out an entire cruise and do the same thing....that would be cool too....go to the Caribbean or Greece or Alaska or....well pretty much anywhere a cruise goes is pretty cool :)

Jenny said...

LMAO he wont have jack when the irs is done with him. xD

Mandy said...

I saw this and thought this is how Missouri looks to so many people. Isn't that sad? Although I hope he doesn't lose his money but gets a lot of good financial advice and is stable for his lifetime. Or at least a few years. :-)

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