Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Birthday Boy,

You are five today. My baby is five years old. Wasn’t it just yesterday, or maybe last year, when you were two weeks overdue and taxing my patience even then? You've been asking me every day for three weeks if it is your birthday today. Then we have to go over the days of the week and count until we get to the 28th. Oy.

This past year has been full of so much growing and learning. You surprise me every day with your ability to read my moods—“Mom, why are you so grumpy?” and to express yourself. When you use the words “excited” and “believe” and “disappointed” and use them in the right context--like the other day when Joe said that something worked “automatical” and you told him, “You mean automatically”--I can’t help but be proud of the big boy you are becoming. You can even ride a two-wheeled bike (no training wheels!) and do a cartwheel!

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our tough times, too. Like the days that you didn’t want to go to preschool, or the days that you didn’t have school but you incessantly begged me to take you. And we can’t forget the day you broke your leg. It was terrible having to carry you and hold onto you on the way to the hospital, knowing that every little jostle and move caused you so much pain, but I’m so grateful that I was there with you. And when the x-ray confirmed your broken leg, I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. It was so hard to see you in pain, and I wanted it to be me instead. But you handled the whole thing like a champ!

And now you’re five. And you can tie your own shoes, and get your own water, and when you are really feeling independent you even wipe your own bottom. I know the night will come that you don’t crawl in bed between dad and I, and if I’ve learned anything these past four years it’s that the time will come much too soon.

I love you, Monkey!


Tara said...

aw! how cute! I can't believe how big all my nieces and nephews are getting!!!

The Long Family said...

Happy Birthday Mario. Hope you are having a great day and lots of cake too. The Longs

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy! Sure wish we were there to watch you grow.

Lots of love,
Susan and family

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