Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Bash on a Budget

We celebrated Joseph's 7th B-day last month, and he really wanted to invite a few of his friends over for a party. Andy gave him a new fishing pole as an early present, then Aunt Mellisa and Uncle Adam got him his own tackle box and gear, so we decided to have a fishing party! I made up some invitations using my circle punch and some cute paper, then printed out an invite to go inside. I also had some clear envelopes which make them so fun to send and receive!

Then, for the actual party day, I picked up Joe and his friends from school, and Dad, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Uncle Ben and Uncle Adam took them all out to the neighbors pond to fish. Unfortunately, the fish weren't really biting that day.

The treat bags had individual bags of goldfish, some balloons and blow toys, and candy in them. I punched holes and strung the "fishing pole" swirly straws with the dangling fish on them. The fish were just funny shaped wooden pieces, and Joe painted them, then we finished them off with the names of the party-goers with a Sharpie.

Joe also wanted a fish shaped cake, so I took the idea from the grocery stores and made cupcakes, arranged them into the shape of a fish, then frosted them all as one. I used 24 cupcakes and 1 tub of frosting tinted orange, but the frosting was barely enough. I then used gel icing to detail some scales and cinnamon red hots to make the eye. Not real artful, but he liked the finished product! It worked great on my huge, blue platter.

Dinner was Bobbers and Worms (spaghetti and meatballs) with Rods (breadsticks) and cucumber salad and Jell-O Jigglers.

We used brightly colored paper plates and napkins, and not including the dinner, I spent less than $20.00. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

Cute Cards! Love them.

Heidi Boos said...

Such cute ideas (Bobbers and Worms for dinner...so awesome)! I love birthdays with a theme.

Mrs. Organic said...

Those are all great ideas and the invitations are really cute!

Amy said...

Great theme, cute ideas, and love the budget!

robin@heartofwisdom.com said...

Cute ideas!

Thanks for sharing!
Love your blog!

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See ya there!


Christina said...

You are so incredibly crafty! Too cute!

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