Thursday, October 23, 2008

Witch's Brew

When Brian, our now 8th grader, was a sweet little kindergartener, he had a great teacher named Mrs. Pearson. She was old school, over retirement age, played the piano in class, and all. I was fortunate enough, because my friend Karen babysat Natalia, to be able to work in the classroom once a week.

Mrs. Pearson did a lot of fun things with the kids, including a spooky Halloween party. During the party, she put on her witch's hat, turned down the lights, unpacked her black cauldron, and mixed up a batch of Witch's Brew. You should have seen the eyes on those kids! With the addition of each ingredient she cackled and stirred. It was great! She gave me the recipe, so I'm posting it here in case you need to whip up a batch. This makes enough for a classroom of kids, so cut down the juices and soda to make a smaller cauldron full.

Witch's Brew

2 bottles of Old Witch's bath water (apple juice)
1 bottle of Vampire Blood (Hi-C concentrate)
1 bottle of Red Sea Water (cranberry juice)
2 bottles Ghost Water (Ginger Ale)
2 bottles of lemon-lime soda
6 slimy worms (gummy worms)
5 hoppy toads (gummy frogs)
1 pet tarantula (plastic spider)
1 bag dried flies (chocolate covered raisins)
2 dried bat wings (fruit roll-up pieces)
Dry ice

Put ingredients one at a time (except for dry ice) into a large plastic cauldron (you can usually find them at Wally-world or party stores) and stir the brew. Wiggle the worms and toads as you add them, and really use some drama! Add dry ice last. The steam will pour out of the cauldron. You can wait until it's done to pour out glasses full.

Happy Haunting!

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Discursivelyhappy said...

Annie, I think you are so in tune to my thoughts, I was just asked to be the room mother for Sam's class and I was trying to think of a fun idea for his class party, and tah dah! You post this! Love it!

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