Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some Internet Fun!

I love the internet. I know, I know; I shouldn't spend too much time in here, but I try to keep it to a dull roar. But the internet is great for SO MANY different things. Like planning my Primary sharing time lessons. I go right here to

When it's time to cook dinner, and I have no clue what to make with what I have on hand, I visit You just type in the ingredients you have on hand, and they'll give you a list of recipes you can make. How cool is that? I tried this one last night, served it with rice and watermelon and got thumbs up all the way around.

My newlywed sister is now a blogger. You can read about her life as a new wife and BYU student at

Now, if you're crafty at all, you can find directions
and tutorials for just about any project you can
think of. Here's a cute and simple one (perfect for
the kids to make, too!) : sticky notes books.
Looking for a good book to read to your kids? Try Deliciously Clean Reads. They won't steer you wrong.
And finally, here's a little poem that could have been written by me.

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