Saturday, November 24, 2007


We’ve spent this past week in a blur of activity, getting ready for Nonni and Bradley to arrive, school parties and preparations, cooking and cleaning, and seeing every last leaf fall from the huge oak tree in our yard.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hands down. Forty {or so} of us gathered at my parents home for Thanksgiving dinner, eating ourselves into a mild food coma, enjoying one another’s company. One of our traditions is writing down what we are thankful for on a card, and then my sister Monie reads them all {keeping them anonymous, although it’s usually pretty obvious whose they really are.} The adults’ are sometimes funny or introspective or sentimental, but the kids’ are so cute! Some of the younger ones draw little pictures on them, too. Tara e-mailed hers from BYU, where she was spending Thanksgiving with friends.

Last year I put them all in this 6x6 scrapbook, along with some of the recipes we used. Guess I better get crackin’ on 2007’s.

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