Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Guest Blogger...

Hi everyone, this is Natalia. I'm looking forward to summer break this year. Our last day of school was last Friday. We had our fourth quarter awards assembly where the teachers give awards. I got awards for being on the honor roll all year, perfect attendance for the quarter, reading, music, and P.E., and then 2nd place award for the Smokey Bear fire prevention poster contest.

I am on a travelling softball team which Dad is coaching. I play catcher and left field or third base. Summer school starts in a week. I'm in Mrs. Harrison's class.

This year I was in the mixed age class with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. My day at school went like this: We get to school and eat breakfast, then we sit in the gym in line and wait for one of our teachers to pick us up to take us to our room. [Our teachers are Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Billings.] Then we put our backpacks up and unload. We then put our name in the "IN" spot so our teacher knows that we're here. We go to our seat and our teacher handles the morning business. Then we do Centers.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday we meet for reading, English and spelling. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do squiggle, spelling and reading background. After that we usually do math, and sometimes science then math and finish science. Then we go to lunch, Social studies, and our extra classes. Art and P.E. on Monday, Music on Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Friday, and P.E. Wednesday and every other Friday.

On Monday after P.E., we go back into the room and work on things we need to get done for about an hour. Then at 2:00, we have counciling, and then go to recess. [We have recess every day at 2:35.] After we come in from recess, we pack-up and sit in our seats and wait for one of our teachers to tell the bus riders to line-up. When one of our teachers takes the bus riders out to the buses,the kids that don't ride the bus stay in the classroom with the other teacher. Then our teacher takes us outside to our parent's.

On Tuesday after lunch, Social Studies,and Music, instead of having counciling, we work on classroom work that we need to get done until recess. Wednesdays after lunch, Social Studies, and P.E. we go to the computer lab. On Thursday after lunch, Social Studies, and Music, instead of counciling or computers, we have library. Then on Friday, we take our spelling test.

Mrs. Billing's four year old daughter, Olivia, is getting a heart transplant! Mrs. Billings had to miss the last week and a half of school. Have a good summer!!!!!


Amy said...

Natalia, I enjoyed reading about your school day. Sounds like you keep busy! Enjoy your summer. Do you have any big plans? Amy

Anonymous said...

I think that you have a very nice school. I hope I see you this summer.

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