Thursday, May 3, 2007

Far West

Tuesday I went to work with Andy. I think there are easier ways to go on a date. It's hard to do anything when you have four kids. Emily watched the boys, Brian and Natalia rode the bus to Grammy's, then Tara gathered them all back at our house later. Always the hard way!

Our first stop was to fill up the gas tank in the truck and for the mowers. That costs way too much money. Depressing to think about. Then on to the mower store (I really don't know what to call it!) for a part for the mower. Then up Hwy 13 thru Lexington and on to the Richmond Pioneer Cemetery. It rained on and off all morning, but we mowed through it. Let me tell you, my kids drive the mowers with the skill of Mario Andretti, but I had a heck of a time! Andy made me get on there and do it, and didn't even cringe (very much). We had to stop for a little while for a missionary couple and two sister missionaries. A little bit hard to talk and look around while two mowers are going.

Our next stop was Far West. Nothing is there anymore. I shouldn't say that, because it is very well landscaped, like a nice park, with picnic tables, trees, mulch, shrubs, etc. The bathrooms are exceptional. Especially since they are out in the middle of nowhere! There is one building across the road, which is a Community of Christ church. Up the road a piece (Missouri speak for 1/2 a mile) is a new store:

In it's infancy 170 years ago, the city of Far West was populated by several thousand Mormons and included a large schoolhouse, a couple hundred houses, 1/2 a dozen stores, etc. There is absolutely no trace of the town. Far West is very peaceful, even with the sound of the mower, blower, or trimmer. The sky was dark for most of the day, but it didn't rain, just a little sprinkle. 7 or 8 cars full of people stopped throughout the afternoon to look at the temple site, but you can count the number of cars going by on your fingers. The land consists of just short of 600 acres, the visitor's area is maybe 6 or 7 acres.

I had to take a picture of my feet, because when I am there, I always think: This is where the prophets of our Lord stood. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Amazing. Very spiritual.

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