Friday, May 13, 2011

Like the Bees...

We have been as busy as bees around here with baseball and softball season.  With usually 4 and sometimes 5 games a week, we've been running around trying to fit everything else in around them.  School is 3 weeks from coming to a grinding halt.  I shouldn't say grinding halt since it will be here faster than I can say "School's Out" five times fast!  I'm not going to even think about what we're going to do this summer.

Mother's day was lovely; we started out the morning trying to get the kids boys little boys motivated enough to get ready for church.  30 minutes before church started they were in bed and negotiating the terms for going to church.  "But it's not our ward, why do we hafta go?"

Amazingly enough, I kept my cool and explained that we don't go to church because they are "our People", but we go to church to take the sacrament and show Heavenly Father that we are obeying His commandments.  I walked out of the room, and Joe got up and quietly started getting ready for church while his brother continued to bellow.  Monkey finally showed wearing a lovely ensemble which consisted of his blue church pants and a green T-shirt.  Rather than argue, we told him to get in the car and put his shoes on while we were driving.

When we arrived at church we discovered that his "shoes" were a pair of Heelys. Oh, yes, tennis shoes with wheels in the heels.  Add to that the hair that he refuses to cut and you can just imagine.  LOVE-ly!

We stopped at the cemetery on the way home since we hadn't been there in a while.  That always makes for interesting conversation and brings up stories and questions, too.  Like "Why did Nonni burn Nonno?" since Nonno was cremated.  It's times like these when I really appreciate and rely on my testimony of Heavenly Father's plan.  "Nonno's body didn't have his spirit in it anymore, and we'll be able to see Nonno again in Heaven."


Highlights from the baseball game last night:  The boys played 3 innings and they both hit every time.  Joe hit a double, a single, and a TRIPLE, and made three outs in one inning playing first base.


Laura@livingabigstory said...

Holy busy-ness batman! (love the heeleys!

Ramona said...

These kids are getting too big! I still like to think about the time you told us Monkey was running around the house wearing his Spiderman pajamas and Batman slippers (or was it the other way around?) yelling "I'm Pooper-man!"

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