Thursday, February 26, 2009


It seems like every time I find a TV show I like, BAM, it's pulled off the air. Never fails. This season's victim is "Pushing Daisies". I kept looking for it, even though it was in a horrible time slot; Wednesday's at 7:00. (so maybe that's why it didn't take off!) So quirky and witty! Kristen Chenoweth was hilarious as Olive, and Ned and Chuck, the main characters, were so likeable. Guess I'll have to move to the UK to see the rest of Season 2, though. Maybe Monie will move with me.

I thought victim number 2 was going to be Medium, a show about Allison. She sees dead people. With a time slot of Monday nights at 9:00 (after Family Home Evening and putting the kids to bed) I could usually manage to catch it. I'm happy to say that it's back! I can get my laundry folded while I watch Allison and her family deal with everyday life while she helps the DA solve crime. She's such a multi-tasker.
I'm usually commitment-phobic when it comes to TV shows. Sometimes I get tired of them after a few seasons (Law and Order) or I like them but they're on at a bad time (Survivor) or it is just so stinkin' long and takes up two nights that I can't even think of wasting that much time on it (American Idol). So for now, it's Medium. And Numbers if I can get to it.


Tara said...

isn't it sad to think of what we'd do for our favorite tv shows? what's the world coming to! :) I'd be extremely upset though if House got canceled would Monie

Doug & Laurel said...

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Jennifer said...

I love Numbers and if it weren't for the DVR I'd probably never get to watch it. I find that in the morning, before the girls are up, and while I'm folding laundry is a perfect time to watch that or CSI.

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