Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guess who turned 6 yesterday?

Joseph is the dragon and his buddy Carson is the knight in this picture from pre-school last year. Aren't they just so cute?

We spent the day together as a family, tooling around Independence, MO and Liberty, MO, taking in the church sights that Andy works on every week. The Independence visitor's center was totally redone this last year and was very interactive. The kids loved it!

Next was a picnic lunch at the park in Liberty, which is a very cute town, and visiting the Liberty Jail. We watched the very touching new movie about the life of Joseph Smith while we were there.

We capped off the night with dinner at Applebee's with an Oreo cookie milkshake for the birthday boy. When the waiters started clapping and walking through the restaurant I looked at Joseph and said, "What do you think that's all about?" His eyes were so big, and he replied,"I don't know!"

Dinner at Grammie's tonight was chicken enchiladas. His cousin Ephraim made him this sign to wear. Notice how he spelled birthday? And the smudge of chocolate cake at the side of his mouth?
Happy birthday, my sweet boy!


Scribbit said...

An oreo cookie shake sounds so good right now, I saw that and realized that's what I want.

Mika said...

Congrats with your boy. Mika (

Katie said...

Hello Fellow Scrapbooker! Just like you, I'm a Cathy Z blog addict, I recently discovered "blogs" in May 2007 (so I'm kinda new at it) but I read Cathy Z's EVERY DAY! I read her recent post about not making a mint. So I think I want to send her a bunch of MINTS and, of course, a scrapbook about mints from the people who love her! I think it would be totally cute if we put together a "photo album scrapbook" (we did this in the 2007 LOM class for Stacy J.) FOR CATHY Z!!! If you are interested, please mail me two 4x6 "pages" for the photo album scrapbook for Cathy Z. My snail mail address is Katie Scott, 4755 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33713; I'm not totally techno (my husband actually refers to me as a technology idiot - but only in the mostly loving way ;) so I can't do the email it to me thing... Just do the regular snail mail please that way I stay with my philosophy of Keeping It Super Simple! One of the pages should be a picture of you with some mints for Cathy Z! And the other can be anything you like, a Cathy Z inspired page or project or whatever you think she would enjoy! Of course, I'll be putting the scrapbook together in a mint colored album and sending it to her along with a sac of mints. Lets try to get this done before Thanksgiving so I can get it out to her before Christmas or whatever December Holiday you like to scrapbook! If you are interested please snail mail me your pages, or if you have questions, then email me at or visit my blog at :) Katie Scott in St. Pete FL

Ellie said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for stopping by my rather dismal blog right now and introducing yourself! It is nice to meet you! I love your blog, and it looks like your day was a really busy and really fun one! I look forward to getting to know you better. I am trying to keep up with my blog more often, and I look forward to checking in to yours!

Melinda said...

Hi--I saw you note on Pioneer Woman's page and was just wondering if your family was orginally from Iowa. We still call the couch a davenport and have never met anyone else that did so. I've never been sure why we do that and thought maybe it was a local Iowa word.
Melinda B.

Lei said...

Aw, happy bday little dragon tamer!

Great pictures!

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