Thursday, May 24, 2012

You light up my life...

No, this post isn't about Debby Boone or the '70's.  It is about my never-ending quest to find cheap-to-free lampshades.  We've moved since that last post 2 months ago, hence my absence from my blog because I was trying to find someone's missing ______________. (fill in the blank with: softball pants, paperwork, wallet, or mind.)

I've picked up a couple of these brass-ish lamps along the way for 2 dollars each.  One had a nice shade, the other a pleated mess of a shade. So I ripped the pleated fabric off the shade.

And used the shade how it was.

And it was ugly.

But it wasn't a bare bulb.

Then one day I couldn't handle looking at that ugly shade anymore.

So I pulled out an old songbook.

I think it's a baptist songbook.

Nope, I looked at it and it's "A Community Song Book for schools, homes, clubs and community singing."

Why don't we have these anymore?

On second thought, scratch that.  Who needs Lady Gaga songs in a community songbook.

Don't you just love the yellowed pages?

I tore some of those pages out, whipped out my spray adhesive, and slapped the pages onto my ugly shade.

Five minutes later I had this.

I love the flappy edges but not the terrible photo.  Sorry, the settings must be off.

Just checked and sure enough, my camera's set to manual.

I tore the bottoms of the pages against the shade edge to make it shabby.

My ugly shade is now flappy and shabby, and I love it.

This brings me to my second lamp re-do, shown below.

This little lamp started it's life as a black and brass candlestick style lamp, but it begged for a make-over.

So I whipped out the white spray paint and obliged.

Now she's a sassy little thing, with a clearance-find-of-a-shade and some hot-glued pom-pom trim.

Another five minute lamp re-hab.

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