Thursday, March 1, 2012

Keepin' It Simple

If you were here yesterday you saw my girly pages with old pictures.  Lots of pink and flowers and doilies and lace.  Not so much today, although I did sneak flowers onto these pages.

This next page is for my Project Stash book.  This is a simple layout, just grouped the photos and stacked the paper bits.  I added a swipe of white paint around all of the edges of the papers, but didn't do the photos.  Now I wish I had, but oh, well. Then I popped on a few flowers.  Hee Hee.  Our road trip was earlier this month, you know, back when the gas prices were $3.65 a gallon instead of $4.20.  Yikes.

The photos were taken from the front seat; I just lifted the camera over my head and started snapping without looking at the screen.  This is what we look like during a calm moment of traveling, when they're not fighting over seats, messing with the dog, or trying to change the radio station.

Remember these Simple Stories supplies I stashed in my Project Stash album?  I used them on the next page, and for some other compartmentalized pages.  I just love them!  Love the colors, love that you can do the basics with them but they still look awesome.

Even though I tend to do a lot of journaling on tags and tucking them into the page, every once in a while I have a journal-heavy page.  This is obviously one of those pages.  So again, I kept it simple and used the Simple Stories Happy Day line.

The quickest thing in the world to jazz up a page is to add some type of banner. The pieces do not have to be the same size, shape, or type. They can be used for a title or just for embellishment. I hand cut these banner pieces and used some 3D foam tape to pop them up. Twine and 2 grommets finished off the banner, then I sprinkle just a couple of orange felt flowers and the page was done. The journaling took longer than putting the page together!

And one last page from the Project Stash album. Sometimes I just want pictures, even though it is a scrapbook, so I grouped these up into a large block, grabbed some OLD stickers from my stash for the title, and did one line of journaling across the top above the photo block. I love the almost flowery Spanish style background paper!

Basically, what I'm trying to say is Keep It Simple. And it doesn't have to perfect. 
 And flowers make everything better.

I'm linking up here:  WIP Monday on ScrapScene


Tara said...

mmmmmm.........I want a birthday rib dinner at Nonni's! :)

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

Don't we all! She also made homemade gnocchi, which is the big bowl of potato dumplings with red sauce in the middle there. Excellent.

Corine said...

Awesome reminders - thank you! :) And we will start a circle journal soon...

cvanholstein said...

Hi Annie!

Decided to hop by, after reading your kind compliment on my blog :)
I like your style, and I know it is not as simple as it looks like.
I also like scrappers that do the so called "journal-heavy pages"!
And your over the head shots from the front seat are very cool, your dog was posing! LOL
kind regards, Corina (WIP)

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