Friday, August 5, 2011

Raley's Grocery Shopping Deals

Another week, and another shopping trip.  I've noticed so much press about shopping with coupons, from "Extreme Couponing", which really seems a bit -ahem- extreme to me.  Some of it is a little bit like Hoarders, but with household goods and groceries.  Makes me think about "everything in moderation".  I really don't have the time or inclination to do the extended hunts, but with what I can easily get my hands on and spend a few hours a week organizing, I save a ton on what we use daily.  I've also been able to slowly add to our food storage, camping boxes, and 72-hour kits, and I'm saving aside the shelf-stable items for school lunches to be packed.  I've also bought school clothes and school supplies for next to nothing, just by watching the ads, shopping in clearance, and using coupons.  It's been a huge help and blessing, because I'm not feeling as stressed!

Here is my breakdown for Raley's this week.  You can see last week's shopping trip here.  By signing up for an account I get a weekly e-mail with the e-coupons.  Raley's also allows "stacking" store coupons with manufacturer coupons.  Yay!  They even accept their own Raley's e-coupons printed in black and white.  That way I can save my color ink, too.

E-coupon for 1.99 on Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Cream.  If I plug in zip code 10001 at, a coupon for 75cents off of one can be printed. I pay $1.24 for one.

E-coupon for 1.99 for 8 oz Tillamook Cheese.  I printed a $1.00 off any Tillamook Sliced Cheese by "liking" Tillamook on Facebook.  This offer is available until August 15.  I pay 99cents for one.

E-coupon for FREE Packaged Iced Cookies from the bakery when I spend $20.  I pay nothing!

E-coupon for Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeats or Chicken Strips 6-8 oz.  1.99 each, limit 4.
(Hormel has coupons on their website for other items, but not for the lunchmeat.  You have to register to print these coupons.)

Store Sales:
Emerald Nuts, $2.99 each for 16 oz.  I'll use a coupon for Save $1.50 on 2 to make them $2.28 each for 2.

Pop Secret Popcorn 10.5 oz.  2/$4.00  paired with a coupon to save $1.00 on 2 to get them for $1.50 each.

Mezetta Peppers, Artichoke Hearts or Capers are $1.50 each, with a 50cent coupon from the August 26th All You magazine I can get a jar for $1.00.

Bartlett Pears are 59cents a pound, way under my $1.00/pound limit for fresh fruit.

Meat sale!  Buy one get on free on select meat cuts.  I'm getting Pork Spareribs for $3.49/lb, with similar size packages that comes to roughly $1.78/lb.  Under my $2.00/lb. limit for meat. (I have a $1.00/lb. limit for chicken.)

All of these are items that we regularly use, and I'm not spending more because I'm getting a great deal.  That defeats the purpose!  And then we eat junk.  I'm not opposed to junk.  Everything in moderation.


Mandy said...

Gary loves couponing. I go back and forth with it because it really does take time and organization. I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationship with them. I jumped back on the couponing train this week as Gary subscribed to not one,but 2 Sunday papers and the guy that put the paper together just threw in several coupon booklets! We had a ton! (Not complaining, just sharing :-). So, this week I hit Shoprite and Walgreens and did FANTASTIC! I stocked up on personal hygiene (1.25 for a sanitary napkins!:-). As well as soup and some snacks for the kids lunches. I saved over $50 and spent $38 and walked in the door with 10 arm fulls of groceries (kids helped carry in the groceries). I have been working on stocking up on what we use weekly/monthly and then plan to start on wheat, etc...It's a start! And this house we have a designated area just for it so that is nice. Wow, I think I just wrote your longest comment, huh!? lol!

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

That was the best comment ever! Maybe even my longest, if you don't count spam from Russia. :)

Good for Gary! I know what you mean by having a love/hate relationship. I've always done a little bit of couponing, but I've really kicked it up a notch because we are near so many grocery stores and because of the printable coupons, too. It makes it a lot easier to find coupons for things I actually use. My next goal is to figure out the drug stores, with Rite-Aid and Walgreens, they have different programs, but just thinking about figuring that all out gives me a headache. It's probably way easier than it seems, though. Shoot some more tips my way if you think of them!

:) Annie

Crystal said...

Awesome deals. Thank you so much for sharing!

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