Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's a simple life...

So, I've been working as an enumerator for the U.S. Census. A lot of that work has involved driving around the rural roads of the area, and into the Amish communities. I've written before about going to the Amish store once upon a time, and I still frequent a different Amish store because the original one has since shut down. It's the only place I can find Polenta for 50 cents a pound, and herbs and spices for cheap, cheap cheap!

I love seeing the adorable children dressed in the perfect miniatures of their parents' clothing, down to the little black bonnets on the teeny girls' heads. I know! So cute! I also love the Martin houses; little bird houses that are about 15 feet in the air. They're for the Martins, birds that eat the pesky insects that are around. Some are made out of gourds that are hollowed out and painted white, and are just beautiful!

I spoke with an Amish farmer yesterday who also has a sawmill. I wish I would have asked him how he powers his mill, but I didn't think about it until today.

Anyway, they are the only ones who ALWAYS wave to me. Even the guy who was riding horseback down the road gave a big ol' wave. I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time!

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