Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Planner

Look ahead, and plan ahead, for the Holiday season. Make a planner! Include these things in your usual planner, or grab one of your kids' old binders.


Calendar for November and December
Remember to write down Holiday parties for work, church, school, school Christmas concerts or Winter dances, baking parties, anything else you can think of!

Menus –
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Holiday Party, New Year’s Party, even Birthday parties (Natalia's birthday is two days after Christmas)

Recipes – Baking, etc.

Party plans

Gift list – include kid’s wish lists.

Card list – check off as addressed and sent. Do a few at a time. You don’t have to send them all at once!


"The Queen in Residence" said...

That is such a good idea and something that I have to be very organized at too. I have a daughter with a Decmeber 29th birthday so we have to especially remember to have two very different celebrations or there is real drama around here. I wanted to come by and check out a mystery commenter. So glad to meet you. I hope that your mom is making a speedy recovery, that is scary but all will be good in the end is my prayer.♥

Amy said...

Great ideas, Annie! We're moving in a couple of weeks, so that just adds another huge event to December! :)

p.s. I need your mailing address, please email it to me. Thanks!!!

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