Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monkey Business {or "Crack him open like a Clamshell"}

So, Monkey finally shed his shell last week. I think I failed to mention in earlier posts that he actually broke his cast while maneuvering around the house and pre-shool. That is why he has the strips of green on his legs. They held a bar that crossed between his legs. So much fun to dress him and take him to the potty!

This is "the sticker guy" using the saw to cut through the cast. So amazing to see, because the saw does not cut through the skin. "The sticker guy" has a shiny, bald head that he pushed the saw onto, and voila, nothing happened! Oh, and Monkey named him "the sticker guy" because he hands out lots of stickers, and showed him the secret sticker stash.

Here is TSG, using a mini crow bar tool to pop open the cast.

Now, doesn't that look funny! The bar is missing because TSG gave it to Monkey as a memento. And hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again. And maybe I'm just doing a little bit of wishful thinking.


Lisa @ Take90West said...

that is unbelievable! Could he walk right away ?

Tara said...

haha! that looks so funny...

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

Shivers going up and down my spine. He is so calm. My boys would have been screaming their heads off! I had one notable incidence when one of my teenagers made such a fuss over an ingrown toenail that the doctor told me he couldn't come back.

No lie.

Glad it all turned out - and thanks for sharing.


Annie said...

Just tonight he started to walk. Finally! Took just more than a week.

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