Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Catch-up

I'm hoping to do a little catching up today. There are Primary assignments, laundry, cleaning, laundry...the usual.

Just a couple of things-

1. Tasra Dawson over at Lessons from the Scrapbook Page is hosting a "blog-abration", complete with great prizes. Jump on over there and take a peek.

2. Visit the Christa Taylor Make a Wish contest and make your wish list. You could win a $150 shopping spree on her site! She has great clothes for juniors. Here's a little more about her: As a young lady, Christa Taylor encountered weeks of frustrating shopping trips- trying to find modest clothing that was attractive and fashionable. Finding modest swimwear was an especially long and arduous affair, entailing lengthy searches of both websites and retail stores to no avail (all the swimwear designers were focused on emphasizing body parts rather than beauty). So she went to the drawing board and designed a new modest swimsuit that satisfied her desire for style and attractiveness (she calls it "modish:" a blend of modest + "chic").
She now spends her days discovering and designing fine, modest clothing, long skirts, swimwear, and accessories for young women that buck the trends of fashion, yet stand out for stylish modesty. was started in order to serve you in finding modest clothing and swimwear that matches your goals of modesty AND style.

3. Please do what the experts say - wear gloves when chopping jalapenos. Natalia and I canned homemade salsa last night, and my hands are on fire!!!

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Scrapping Servant said...

Hello, I'm visiting from the party, it's nice to meet you.

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