Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another SMART Habit Saturday

For my first week I really started out with a fizzle, but I guess working on the habits is half the battle! (At least I can keep telling myself that!)

Scriptures with the kids a little hit and miss this week; only a couple of days.
Relief Society lesson and Ensign Almost a habit.
Chores for the kids another hit and miss, but our schedule was a little off this week.
Paperwork, oh paperwork. Why do you haunt me so? My brother came over and read the blog while I was doing some scrapbooking, and he commented that if it was that kind of paperwork {The Scrapbooking Kind, which I do not dread at all, by the way}I was talking about then I was doing fine. Then he looked down at the desk and raised his eyebrows. I need a more specific plan of attack for this stuff.
I want to add another habit of decluttering one area a day. The top of my dryer is my shove everything zone, and my kitchen is brimming full since I have been trying to work on my food storage.

Wish me luck!


Slava Bogu said...

Well, making progress in 2 out of 3 isn't bad. At least it's improvement, right?

Paper is my nemesis. Even without the kids in school, we get so much junk mail it just sems never ending. Good luck in controlling it!

Corrie said...

Paperwork is the ultimate procrastination temptation for me. Good luck with it this week.

Annie said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I needed the encouragement.

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